Microsoft Chicago Data Container, 2009.
Your life revolves around your data.  You may not realize how closely you are tied to your data until it is gone.  For example, try to call your friend, ya know, the one you call about once every two weeks.  What's their number? Wait!  Don't go to the address book, it's gone!

That's right, even your phone has a data store on it and to lose that would mean a long and tedious recovery process.  This problem is amplified for small business owners, home owners, renters, students, well everyone!  Collections of records like receipts, term papers, insurance papers, customer records and photos are all very important to everyday functioning.  

Luckily there is  help.  In today's market you can find various providers offering a huge array of backup options.  Some believe that all backups have to exist off-site whereas others give you options for local and off-site storage.  For the more advanced user, you can even setup backup "sets" to manage your device backups.  

With all this in mind it's clear that your data is important and backing it up is a necessary step in protecting that data.  Now the question becomes, how?  Give us a call and we can setup an appointment to build a custom solution that fits your needs.  Even if you have a favorite provider, we will work with them to make sure all your data is covered and there's a plan in place for when things go wrong.  People in the tech world always say that if your data doesn't exist in two places, then it doesn't exist at all!



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    July 2012